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M.A. Adrian Wesołowski


Master’s degree at the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw in 2015. PhD student under a double-promotion agreement between the University of Warsaw and Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg as part of the International Max Planck Research School for the Anthropology, Archaeology, and History of Eurasia (IMPRS ANARCHIE).

Title of the doctoral dissertation

Philanthropic Celebrity in the Age of Sensibility. A Comparative-Historical Study of the British, French, and Polish Examples (1770-1830)

Promoter from outside the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw: Prof. Dr. Andreas Pečar

Most important scholarly articles

  • „Nieśmiertelny i dobroczynny. Historyczne badanie genezy i charakteru sławy Stanisława Staszica,” Kwartalnik Historyczny 125 (2018), z. 1, 29-63;


  • „Kto był pierwszym celebrytą? Zachodnia historiografia celebrytyzmu, stan na rok 2018,” Kultura Popularna 59 (2019), i. 1, 3-10;


  • „Beyond Celebrity History: Towards the Consolidation of Fame Studies,” Celebrity Studies 11 (2020), i. 2, 189-204;


  • „Pinkersonian Post-Truth. History, Ideology, and Postmodernism” w: History in a Post-Truth World, ed. M. Gudonis, B. Jones (Routledge 2020), 87-102.