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Ph.D. Anna-Katharina Rieger


I am specialised in Graeco-Roman landscape and settlement archaeology as well as in archaeology of (Roman) religion. My main research areas are the central and eastern Mediterranean, where I am interested in marginality and mobility as well is in the relations of spaces, objects and rituals in sacred places.

My PhD-thesis dealt with urban religion at Ostia (University of Munich, 1999). I received fellowships by the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the German Archaeological Insitute, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. I was assistant researcher at German universities, had a PostDoc position in the ERC-Advanced Grant “Lived Ancient Religion” (dir. J. Rüpke, University of Erfurt) and directed the DFG-financed “Eastern Marmarica-Survey” (NW-Egypt).

I am now fellow of the CRAC with a project on the interdependencies of settlement dynamics and ecological conditions between the Nile Delta and the Cyrenaica in Graeco-Roman time.

Most important scholarly articles

  • with V. Gasparini – M. Patzelt – R. Raja – J. Rüpke – E.R. Urciuoli (eds.), Lived Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Approaching Religious Transformations from Archaeology, History and Classics (Boston/Berlin 2020)

  • with Th. Vetter (eds.), Ancient water management system in North Africa and Western Asia, Virtual Special Issue, Journal of Arid Environments, 2019


  • ‘Un-Central’ Landscapes of NE-Africa and W-Asia—Landscape Archaeology as a Tool for Socio-Economic History in Arid Landscapes. Land 2019, 8(2) 36


  • with J. Albrecht – Ch. Degelmann – V. Gasparini – R. Gordon – M. Patzelt – G. Petridou – R. Raja – J. Rüpke – B. Sippel – E.R. Urciuoli – L. Weiss, Religion in the making: The Lived Ancient Religion Approach, Religion 48, 2018, 1-26


  • Text and landscape: the complementarity of the Papiro Vaticano Greco 11 R (PMarm) to landscape-archaeological results from the arid Marmarica (NW-Egypt/NO-Libya), Topoi. Orient – Occident 21, 2017, 105-146.


  • with H. Möller – Th. Vetter – B. Großkopf – N. Pöllath, On the route to Siwa – a late roman roadhouse at the cistern site Abar el Kanayis on the Marmarica-Plateaus, Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Kairo 68, 2012 135-173