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M.A. Marta Tomczak


  • University of Warsaw/Sorbonne Universit├ę, double PhD in history (from 2017); supervisors: prof. Jaros┼éaw Czubaty, prof. Jacques-Olivier Boudon; topics: the Napoleonic empire;
  • University of Oxford, Faculty of History, MA in Modern and Contemporary History, 2017; supervisor: Prof. Michael Broers;
  • University of Warsaw, Faculty of Law and Administration, MA in Law, 2016, magna cum laude;
  • University of Warsaw, Faculty of History, BA in History, 2015, magna cum laude.

Major scientific contributions

  • University of Oxford, Administrating Peripheries of an Empire: by Force or by Influence? The Changing Role of the Napoleonic Diplomats in the Duchy of Warsaw (1807-1812) (2021);
  • Columbia University, The Impact of the Napoleonic Legislation on the Periphery of the French Empire – a Failure? (2020);
  • Cambridge Univeristy, Revolution on European Peripheries: Napoleonic Constitutionalism and the Duchy of Warsaw (2019);
  • Central European Univeristy, Reshaping European Equilibrium in the Beginning of the 19th Century – Equality in Interantional Relations vs. Revival of Imperial Policies (2019).

Title of the doctoral dissertation

Relacje centrum-peryferie w epoce napoleońskiej.
Centre-periphery relations in the Napoleonic era.