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Ph.D. Barbara Gryczan


Assistant Professor at the Department of History, University of Warsaw. Defended her doctoral dissertation The Verbal System in Medieval Hebrew of the Poetry of Juhuda HaLevi under the supervision of Maciej Tomal, PhD, in 2016 at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw. Graduate of the Institute of English Studies, University of Lodz (2003) (additional specialization in literary translation) and the Department of Hebraistics, University of Warsaw (2008).
In her academic work she concentrates on linguistics – especially the history of the Hebrew language – and on the history of Hebrew culture and literature of the so-called “Jewish Golden Age” (medieval Andalusia). (medieval Andalusia). As a translator she specializes in literary translations, in particular poetry.

Most important scholarly articles

  • “Verbal system: medieval Hebrew poetry,” in Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, ed. by Geoffrey Khan, Shmuel Bolozky, Steven E. Fassberg, Gary A. Rendsburg, Aaron D. Rubin, Ora R. Schwarzwald, Tamar Zewi, Brill, 2013.


  • “And the thoughts in my heart sent by God” – the evolution of lyrical dominance in the poetry of Yehuda ha-Levi, Jewish History Quarterly 3/263 (2017).


  • The language and poetics of Yehuda Ha-Levi’s lyrical works in light of his theoretical reflections on the Hebrew language in Kitāb al-Chazarī (Sefer ha-Kuzari), “Jewish History Quarterly” 2/266 (2018).


  • The Karaite experience of Yehuda ha-Levi – the story of a certain poem, “Jewish History Quarterly” 3/271 (2019).