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The Faculty of History

The Faculty of History is one of the best humanistic research centers in Poland. The aim of the didactic activities of the Faculty of History is to educate professionals who can explain the present by following the birth and course of social, political, economic and cultural processes in societies throughout history.

Many prominent historians participate in the research and teaching activities of the Faculty of History. The Faculty conducts unique research on the ancient world, non-European civilizations, as well as on the auxiliary sciences of history. The results of this research to a large extent shape the image of Polish historical science.

The Faculty of History, which began functioning at the University of Warsaw on September 1st, 2020, was created from the  Institute of History, which had existed within the structures of the University for 90 years and began operating in the academic year 1930/1931 as a scientific and didactic unit, conducting interdisciplinary research on widely understood history and employing the best Polish specialists.

History at the University of Warsaw has over 90 years of tradition – the Institute of History was established in the academic year 1930/1931 and its founding father was Prof. Marceli Handelsman. At that time the Institute was a part of the Faculty of Humanities, existing since 1927 at the University of Warsaw. In 1938 historians moved to the historic Pomuzeal Building with its beautiful, classical Columned Hall.