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Renting the Columned Hall


Check room availability by sending a request to: promocja.wh@uw.edu.pl
After confirming the availability of the room, please read: rent regulations / rent rules / rent price list (English version in preparation)
Send a scan of the completed and signed reservation form (WORD / PDF) to: promocja.wh@uw.edu.pl
NOTE: Item applies to external entities only. You will receive an agreement (WORD / PDF) for renting the room. Together we will go through the procedure of signatures of appropriate people.

The Columned Hall (Sala Kolumnowa)


The Columned Hall (Sala Kolumnowa) is one of the most beautiful, classical interiors in Warsaw. It is rented for the needs of UW units and external institutions.

The beautiful interior impresses with its atmosphere and malachite splendor of the columns. Frederic Chopin used to walk there. The hall is authentic, it was not destroyed during the war. Currently, there are statues from the collection of the former Plaster Cabinet of the University of Warsaw.

Virtual tour -> click the menu and select “Sala Kolumnowa”.

Technical data

  • total area of the hall: 375 m2
  • 3 microphones (including two portable)
  • loudspeakers
  • permanent lighting
  • projector with screen
  • wifi (upon request) / wired internet
  • electricity (power upon request)


  • Cinema/theatre setup – 120 persons
  • Conference setting – 80 persons
  • Setting with round tables – 100 people