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The Reckoning of the Soul

Ewa Wipszycka's Late Antique Seminar   On 13 May at 4.45 pm (Warsaw time) Emmanouela Grypeou (Stockholms Universitet) will present a paper  The Reckoning of the Soul: The development of the motif of the Demonic Tollhouses in late antique Eastern...

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Climate history – Prof. Wisniewski’s research

"In 6th century Italy, saints were said to perform an unusual number of water miracles. Paleoclimatological data from a stalagmite may reveal why. In early medieval Italy (then a troubled peninsula transitioning from the collapse of Roman rule) a group...

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Dean’s Anti-Discrimination Plenipotentiary

Dear Colleagues, In the Faculty of History, as of May 6, 2021, we have a Dean's Anti-Discrimination Plenipotentiary. This is the person who, in a situation requiring support or advice, is the first contact in our Faculty. The scope of...

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