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Ph.D. Anna Agnieszka Dryblak


B. 1990. Doctoral studies in the discipline of history, completed at the University of Warsaw in 2020. (supervisor: prof. Roman Michałowski, assistant supervisor: dr hab. Grzegorz Pac). Doctoral dissertation on Piast foundations of female monasteries (Piast foundations of female monasteries, their significance and role in Poland in the 10th – 13th centuries. Reception of foreign patterns or creating an original model?).
Research interests: female monasticism in the Middle Ages, the role of women in the political and religious culture of the early and middle ages, hagiography and cult of saints.

As a post-doc in the ELITES team, she focuses on monastic foundations and the role of abbesses as representatives of the founding families in legitimizing power.

Most important publications

Most important scholarly articles

  • Original or secondary? Foundations of the Poor Clares of Małopolska and the Clarian ideal at their
    origins, [in:] Originality or Secondarity? Studies on Polish political and religious culture
    political and religious culture (X-XIII century), ed. R. Michałowski, G. Pac, Warsaw 2020,
    p. 654-724;


  • Bamberg and Trzebnica – a contribution to the research on the importance of the relations between these
    centers at the threshold of the 13th century, [in:] Liber Romani. Studies dedicated to Roman
    Michałowski on the seventieth anniversary of his birthday, ed. by K. Skwierczyński, G. Pac,
    Warsaw 2020, pp. 52-65.


  • (Rec.) Women in the Medieval Monastic World, ed. by J. Burton, K. Stöber,
    Turnhout 2015, Brepols, pp. 377, Historical Quarterly 125 (2018), 1, pp. 167-172.
    How monks gain victory for the ruler. The participation of the monastery of Redon in the struggles
    war of Louis the Pious, [in:] Ecclesia et bellum. The Church in the face of war and
    and military involvement of the clergy in the Middle Ages, ed. by R. Kotecki,
    J. Maciejewski, Bydgoszcz 2016, pp. 198-213.


  • De victoria jam obtenta securus. Time of grace – how translations of relics change the
    reality of the West Frankish kingdom, [in:] Time in medieval culture,
    edited by A.A.Dryblak, M. Sas, J. Szafranowski, Warsaw 2015, pp. 43-63.