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Ph.D. Anna Czarniecka


Born 1971 in Warsaw, 1992-1997 studies at IH UW; 1997 – MA; 2007 – PhD (under the supervision of Prof. Urszula Augustyniak). Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1996), Lanckoronski Foundation (2014, 2023), The Royal Collection Studies (2015). Secretary of the Old Polish Cultural History Research Team at the IH UW (2007-2011), head of the Historical Research Center at the Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum (2012-2015), representative of the ZK in Warsaw at the Association des Résidences Royales Européennes in Versailles (ARRE), head of the EU project “Leonardo da Vinci – Lifelong Learning Programme” at the ZK in Warsaw (2012-2015), deputy director of the National Institute of Museology and Collections Protection (2015-2018). Academic interests: political culture and propaganda of power in the 17th century, with particular emphasis on the reign of John III Sobieski, the relationship between art and politics, the political role of queens.

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