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dr Martyna Świerk


Graduated in history (2017) and classical philology from the University of Wrocław. In 2023, PhD entitled. “Society of Roman Carthage. An epigraphic study’ also at the University of Wrocław. Currently a research assistant professor (postdoc) in the NCN Sonata project ‘Epigraphy and identity in the early Byzantine Near East’ conducted at the University of Warsaw.

Research interests: Roman provinces of North Africa, social history, Latin epigraphy, digital humanities.

Most important scholarly articles

  • “Citizenship in the Roman Provinces: the Example of Africa”, [w:] J. Filonik, Ch. Plastow, R. Zelnick-Abramovitz, Citizenship in Antiquity Civic Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean, London: Routledge 2023, 627–638.


  • “Roman Carthage – Ethnic Conglomeration? A Study of the Anthroponymy of African Metropolis”, Antichton vol. 56 (2022), 162–179.


  • “Epigraphic Culture of Roman Carthage”, Epigraphica 83 (2021), 521–542.