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UW allowance due to special economic conditions in 2022

The Rector of the University of Warsaw, in consultation with the trade unions operating at the University of Warsaw, has decided on the payment of social benefit in the form of a non-refundable, one-off financial aid due to specific economic conditions in 2022.

The amount of the aid is:

  • PLN 1,000.00 gross for employees with an income of more than PLN 3,000.00 per family member,
  • PLN 1,100.00 gross for employees with an income of less than or equal to PLN 3,000.00 per family member.

The aid is available to those who were in an employment relationship with the UW on 1 July 2022.

The aid  is not available to employees on unpaid leave on 1  July 2022, and whose unpaid leave lasts at least until 30 September 2022.

The aid will be paid from the funds of the University Social Benefits Fund (USBF) at the employee’s request, submitted within 1 July 2022  – 30 September 2022 r. The payments of the aid will be paid from 22 August 2022.

The application for payment of the aid can be downloaded from 1 July 2022 at https://www.uw.edu.pl/pracownik/wsparcie-socjalne-dla-pracownika/zapomoga/ or can be filed with the use of DocSence.