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Information on the validity of the Bravo and Charlie-CRP alert levels

Due to the extension of the Bravo and Charlie-CRP alert levels, we ask members of our community to be increasingly vigilant. Any instances of unusual occurrences such as abandoned packages, backpacks, or other luggage, and displays of unusual behavior of people in the building should be reported to the receptionist.

All questionable e-mails, attempts to extort and other unusual incidents in the virtual space should be reported to dziekanat.wh@uw.edu.pl.

At the same time, we include below information about possible forms of terrorist incidents. More information on security can be found in the materials posted on the website of the Terrorist Prevention Centre, which is a department of the ABW.



The perpetrator uses explosives to kill as many people as possible or destroy a specific object. The most vulnerable to this type of attacks are communication routes, public events, and public places and buildings. The perpetrator may have more than one explosive, so further explosions can never be ruled out at the same time and place.

Armed perpetrator

One of the forms of a terrorist event is the act of an armed perpetrator. Most often it is an „active shooter” attack or a hostage situation. „Active shooter” attack can turn into a hostage situation and vice versa.

Contamination agents

Those include i.e. chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear substances (CBRN). The most common form of terrorist attack using contamination agents is sending them by post.


Cyberterrorism can be defined as activities such as: hacking attacks, data theft, infecting websites and systems in order to obtain funds for terrorist activities or attacks, as well as conducting propaganda and radicalization activities.