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Excellence Initiative – Research University “Mentoring Programme”

Call for competition

  • Name of the competition: Competition for Action I.1.1/IV.1.1. Mentoring Programme
  • Objective: to select on-site mentoring visits for co-financing, during which cooperation will be established or strengthened with scientists/mentors, who have been chosen by a team from the University of Warsaw
  • Applicant: a team from the UW represented by a leader, selected from among the team members, who then submits an application on behalf of the team for co-financing a mentor’s visit; the research team is composed of at least two research or research and teaching staff of the UW, holding at least a doctoral degree, included in N number; the team members may also be UW employees, doctoral students of the UW and UW students
  • Date of competition announcement: 11.03.2022
  • Start date for the call for proposals: 11.03.2022
  • Closing date for the call for proposals: 20.04.2022
  • Budget per mentoring visit: may not exceed 16,000.00 PLN
  • Duration of a single mentoring visit: no longer than 30 April 2023
  • How to apply: only electronically to the following address konkursy.idub@uw.edu.pl


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