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Professor Alicja Kulecka


Graduated in history from the UW Faculty of History, 1979, Ph.D. from the same department, 1988, Habilitation from the same department, 2006, Professorship, 2019, employed at the UW Historical Institute since 1997 as Assistant Professor, since 2012 as UW Professor, since 2019 as Professor.

Publications since 1997

Most important publications

Most important scholarly articles

  • The social disease of bureaucracy. Theory of Józef Olszewski (1903), in History of Bureaucracy, vol. 9, 2019, edited by A.Górak, I.Kukarina, J.Legieć, Radzyń Podlaski 2019, pp. 9-30.

  • “Bitter is the bread of a righteous official”. Problems of professional ethics of officials of the Kingdom of Poland, in: Officials and offices of the society of the XIX century. A collection of studies, edited by A.Kulecka, Warsaw 2017, pp. 53-95.

  • Aleksander Gieysztor – Director of the Historical Institute of the University of Warsaw (1955-1975), in Aleksander Gieysztor in Memory and Historical Research, ed. A. Kulecka, Warsaw 2017, pp. 53-95.