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Ph.D. Habil. Aneta Pieniądz


B. 1974; Master’s degree at the University of Warsaw 1998, Ph.D. thesis 2004, habilitation 2015; employed at the IH UW since 2004 as an assistant professor.
Scholarship holder of Ecole Française de Rome (2000); Stefan Batory Foundation (2001); Lanckoroński Foundation (2001, 2006); laureate of the first edition of the Aleksander Gieysztor Foundation Award 2002.
Research interests: social history of the early Middle Ages, family history, digital tools in the workshop of a medievalist, problems of academic didactics.

Most important publications

Most important scholarly articles

  • The Meanings of the Past and the Creation of Early Medieval Ethnic Communities: The Case of Carolingian Italy, w: Memories in Multi-Ethnic Societies. Cohestion in Multi-Ethnic Societies in Europe from c. 1000 to the Present, ed. P. Wiszewski, t. 1, Turnhout 2020, p. 33-54.


  • Incmaro di Reims e i suoi contemporanei sull’uxoricidio: l’insegnamento della Chiesa e la pratica sociale, „Reti Medievali. Rivista”, 12, 2011, 1, p. 3-24.