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Professor Dariusz Kołodziejczyk


B. 1962; PhD 1990, University of Warsaw; post-doctoral degree (habilitacja) 2001; professor since 2013. Has been employed at the Institute of History, University of Warsaw, since 1988 as assistant lecturer, assistant professor, associate and full professor. Research associate: Harvard University Ukrainian Research Institute 1991-1992; Nahost-Institut an der Universitaet Muenchen 1994-1995. Visiting professor: University of Notre Dame 2004, Hokkaido University 2009, Collège de France 2011. Member of the Academia Europaea and honorary member of the Turkish Historical Society (TTK). President of the CIEPO (Comité International des Etudes Pre-ottomanes et Ottomanes) since 2018. Assistant Director for International Relations 2002-2008; Director of the Institute of History 2012-2016; Chair of the Department of Early Modern History 2010-13 and since 2019. Academic interests: history of empires, borders and frontiers, global history. Non-academic interests: diving, skiing, clarinet playing.

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Global History Team (chair)

Most important publications

Most important scholarly articles

  • The Ottoman Empire, w: The Oxford World History of Empire, red. P. Fibiger Bang, C. A. Bayly, W. Scheidel, Oxford-New York: Oxford University Press 2021, vol. 2: The History of Empires, s. 729-750.

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  • Twisted ways of commodities in the early modern era and the positioning of Poland on the map of colonialism, „European Review”, 26, 2018, s. 441-447.

  • Stosunki dawnej Rzeczypospolitej z Turcją i Tatarami: Czy naprawdę byliśmy przedmurzem Europy?, „Praktyka Teoretyczna”, 4(26), 2017 = Islamofobia. Konteksty, s. 16-36.

  • Between universalistic claims and reality: Ottoman frontiers in the early modern period, w: The Ottoman World, red. Ch. Woodhead, London-New York: Routledge 2012, s. 205-219.

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