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Ph.D. Giorgio Paolo Campi


I am a biblical scholar and a historian of religions focusing on Ancient Israelite Religion during pre-exilic and exilic times. I obtained my BA in Classics (University of Bologna) in 2016; my MA in Religious Studies, with a focus on the Hebrew Bible (University of Padua, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice) in 2019, and my PhD in Jewish Studies (University of Bologna) in 2023. My PhD dissertation dealt with metaterminological issues in the use of the concept of “monotheism” for the study of Ancient Israelite Religion.

At the University of Warsaw, I work as a postdoctoral researcher and member of the project “The Dawn of Monotheism? Judean Religion(s) in the Persian and Early Hellenistic Period (5th-3rd cent. BCE) in Light of Iconographic, Epigraphic and Biblical Sources.” My work focuses on the use of Yahwistic personal names in the cuneiform archive of Yāhūdu (VI-V c. BCE) and its importance in matters of religious and cultural identity.

Most important scholarly articles

  • “Kingship, Cosmos and Cult of the Ancestors in Ebla: Some New Perspectives,” in Studia Eblaitica 7 (2021): 43-66. https://www.harrassowitz-verlag.de/Studia_Eblaitica_7_(2021)/title_6891.ahtml


  • “«[…] e presero Ba‘al Berith come loro dio». Nuove prospettive storico-religiose su El/Ba‘al Berith,” in Materia Giudaica 26/2 (2021): 31-51https://www.giuntina.it/catalogo/a-i-s-g/materia-giudaica/materia-giudaica-xxvi2-2021-844.html


  • “(Ri)uso dei plurali divini nella redazione deuteronomistica dell’episodio del Carmelo (1Re 18),” in Henoch 44/1 (2022): 3-16. https://www.morcelliana.net/riviste/henoch/essays-by-studi-di-giorgio-paolo-campi-giorgio-jossa-mauro-belcastro-giulio-mariotti-bartlomiej-cyryl-kowalczyk-marc-mich.html


  • “Belief in YHWH as Identity Marker in Pre-exilic Israel: An Identity-Oriented Reading of Deuteronomy 13,” in Old Testament Essays 35/1 (2022): 51-67. https://doi.org/10.17159/2312-3621/2022/v35n1a5


  • “Tradizioni parallele della regalita divina nel Pentateuco? (Es 15,18; Nm 23,21; Dt 33,5),” in Materia Giudaica 27 (2022): 113-134. https://www.giuntina.it/catalogo/a-i-s-g/materia-giudaica/materia-giudaica-xxvii-2022-876.html