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M.A. Ilona Bartoś


Lawyer and legal historian. PhD student at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of the University of Warsaw, within which she is writing her PhD thesis at the Department of 20th Century History of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Warsaw, and the Department of the History of the Polish Constitution and Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw. A graduate of law studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, a final-year student of historical studies at the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw, and a trainee lawyer at the Bar Association in Warsaw. Professionally active lawyer. Her main scientific interests are the history of Poland, Eastern Europe and the history of law of the 20th century, in particular the period of the 1940s and 1950s, as well as the 1980s. She is also interested in the broadly understood history of science and the history of the intelligentsia, especially lawyers and universities in the 20th century. He researches the history of the University of Warsaw of this period, especially the Faculty of Law and the biographies of learned lawyers. Her research interests also include: the Sovietization of Polish higher education and university training for lawyers, the scientific policy of the Polish and Soviet authorities towards legal sciences, the actual impact of communist ideology on legal sciences and – in particular – repression against scientists. Currently, her main research topic is the issue of collaboration. In his scientific work, he combines the skills of a lawyer and a historian, writing a doctoral thesis on the process of post-war settlements between the Polish scientific community for collaboration with the occupier and other unethical behavior during World War II.

Title of the doctoral dissertation

Proces powojennych rozliczeń polskiego środowiska naukowego w latach 1945 – 1949 za kolaborację z okupantem niemieckim i inne zachowania nieetyczne z okresu II wojny światowej