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Professor Jacek Rzepka


Master’s degree at the University of Warsaw (1996, supervisor: prof. W. Lengauer), PhD (2002, supervisor: prof. W. Lengauer) and habilitation there (2009).
Research interests: history of ancient Greece: Macedonia of the classical and Hellenistic periods; Philip II, Alexander the Great and their successors; Greek union states; Hellenistic Athens; sport in antiquity; ancient historiography; Greek epigraphy.

Most important scholarly articles

  • “The First Battles of the Chaeronea Campaign, 339/8 B.C.” Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 58 (2018) 516-522. https://grbs.library.duke.edu/article/view/16156


  • “Subdivisions of the Boeotian Confederacy after 379 B.C.” Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 59 (2019) 568–574. https://grbs.library.duke.edu/article/view/16321


  • “The Units in the Army of Alexander the Great and the District Divisions of Late Argead Macedonia”, Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 48, 1 (2008) 39-56. https://grbs.library.duke.edu/article/view/871