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Ph.D. Jan A. Burek


In 2014 he graduated with a Master’s degree in History from the College of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw.

In 2016 he obtains a Master of Research at the Department of History and Civilization of the European University Institute of Florence, and in 2021 a PhD degree at the same department. Dissertation entitled ‘Communists and workers in a ‘red town’. A microhistory of party politics and shopfloor relations in a Polish industrial centre from a trans-war perspective, 1926-1951′, written under the supervision of Pavel Kolář and Laura Downs. The work focuses on how female and male workers achieved group and individual agency in the realities of twentieth-century dictatorships and the changing organisation of factory work.

Research interests: history of labour and workers, history of the labour movement, history of cultural gender, history of national identification, microhistory and anthropological history.

Most important scholarly articles