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Professor Jolanta Sikorska-Kulesza


Since her studies connected with the University of Warsaw: MA in 1980, PhD in 1990, habilitation in 2005. Deals with social history of the Polish Kingdom, Lithuania and Belarus during the partitions, the history of nineteenth-century photography and editing sources. She teaches courses in the auxiliary sciences of nineteenth-century history and source science. She is an editor of a series “Editing sources of the nineteenth and twentieth century – theory and practice”, heads the Historical Sources Editing Group at the Faculty of History, is a member of the Social History Group at the Warsaw School of Economics, the Women’s History Committee at the Polish Historical Institute, the Jerzy Giedroyc Polish-Lithuanian Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation. Winner of the second degree “Klio” award of the University of Warsaw (2005). Long-time secretary of the Eastern Review (SEW). (SEW).

Most important publications