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M.A. Kacper Bylinka


Born in 1997 in Warsaw. He graduated with a very good result from his undergraduate studies (2016-2019) at the Institute of History at the University of Warsaw and graduate studies (2019-2021) at the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw. Master’s thesis entitled “Man, family, community. The world of De vita Sua Guibert of Nogent”, he wrote under the supervision of prof. Krzysztof Skwierczyński. From October 2021, he is preparing under the supervision of Dr. Grzegorz Pac’s doctoral dissertation on the reception of the cult of saints among the elites of the periphery of Western Christianity and the issue of building identity. Research interests: cult of saints, ideology of power, narratives of medieval sources and methodology of historical research. Non-scientific interests: fishing, playing chess.

Title of the doctoral dissertation

Recepcja kultu świętych a budowanie tożsamości elit na peryferiach zachodniego chrześcijaństwa (X-XIII w.)