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Ph.D. Karolina Frank


I am a historian who specializes in Classical and Hellenistic Greek history. My research interests include, in particular, topics concerning religion and divination, the position and role of different genders in ancient society, and the everyday life of the ancient Greeks. I obtained my MA in Ancient History in 2014 and Cultural Studies in 2016 from the University of Warsaw. In 2021, I defended my doctoral thesis titled ‘Oracular inquiries and daily life. The oracle of Dodona in the Classical and Hellenistic period’ at University College London. I am currently the project leader of ‘A feminine North: The portrait of Greek women in Epirus, Illyria, and Thessaly during the Late Classical and Hellenistic periods’ funded by the National Science Centre under the SONATINA 6 grant.

Most important scholarly articles

  • ‘Marrying a Goddess: An Insight into the Role of Goddesses in the Power-Struggle Motif of Old Comedy’, D. Lewandowska et al. (eds), ΣΧΟΛΗ. Cupido dominandi. Żądza władzy – władza nad żądzą. Lust for Power – Power over Lust. Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Sub Lupa, 2015. ISBN 978-83-64003-50-9 ‘



  • “Oh Zeus Naios and Diona, will I succeed?” Women’s inquiries at the oracle of Dodona in the Classical and Hellenistic periods’, G. Gilles et al. (eds.), Female Agency in the Ancient Mediterranean. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press. Forthcoming in 2022.