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Ph.D. Marina Sedova


Born in Syktyvkar. Graduated with a second degree in Judaic studies from the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” in 2022. Master’s thesis P.T. “Functioning of Jewish cemeteries in Galicia from the early twentieth century until the Second World War.”

Title of the doctoral dissertation

NOWOCZESNOŚĆ I SACRUM. Przestrzenie religijne (synagoga, cmentarz, mykwa) w gminach żydowskichw Królestwie Polskim w 1 połowie XIX wieku (1815-1862)

Most important scholarly articles

  • Sedova, Marina, “A Love Triangle? Hevra Kadisha, the Jewish Community and the Government in Eastern Galicia in the First Half of the Twentieth Century,” przyjęty do druku w Kwartalniku Historii Żydów