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mgr Mariola Trojanowska


A fellow at the U.W. Department of History in the project “The Dawn of Monotheism? Judean religion(s) in Persian and Early Hellenistic Period (5th-3rd cent. BCE) in the light of iconographic, epigraphical and Biblical sources” under the supervision of Prof. Ł. Niesiołowski-Spanò as part of the BEETHOVEN program.

Master’s degree at the Faculty of Theology UKSW (2007), Canonical Licentiate at the Faculty of Theology UKSW (2023). Ph.D. dissertation in preparation under the supervision of  Rev. Prof. B. Adamczewski.

In December 2022, she was elected the Graduate Student Representative at the European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS) for two years.

Research interests: Old Testament books of the Persian period, Second Temple writings, rabbinic writings, midrashic literature, Jewish history and culture, and applications of A.I. in biblical studies.

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