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Ph.D. Paulina Komar


Paulina Komar graduated in Archeology as well as Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Warsaw. Her PhD thesis entitled “Consumption of Greek wines in Roman Italy” was as part of the international PhD project “The Eastern Mediterranean from the 4th century BC until Late Antiquity”, financed by the FNP.

She completed her postdoctoral internship at the Jagiellonian University Institute as part of a grant from the National Science Center in Poland entitled “Greek wines in Italy: consumption, distribution and social and economic aspects.” She is the author of a monograph “Eastern wines on western tables: consumption, trade and economy in ancient Italy”.

Paulina Komar received the 2020-21 Fulbright Senior Award (internship at Stanford University), as well as the Minister’s Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scientists. She was also a finalist of the 21st edition of the “Polityka” Journal’s Scientific Awards.

Her research interests include the history of wine, trade and economics in the ancient and Byzantine world, as well as transport amphoras produced in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.
Currently, she is a head of two research grants financed by the NCN: “Market economy or oriental bazaar? The nature of the Roman economy based on the distribution of amphorae in Italy
“REM: Roman Military Economy”

During her research she uses digital history tools and methods including: regression analyses, computer simulations and agent-based modelling. She participated in excavations in Peru, Sudan, Montenegro, Georgia, Italy and Cyprus, while now collaborates with the Polish-Georgian Gonio-Apsaros Expedition in Georgia.