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Professor Paweł Janiszewski


Master’s thesis: 1992 (UW), Ph: (1998), Habilitation: 2007 (UW), University Prof: 2019 (UW). Employed at the Historical Institute of UW since 1998 /from 2020 Department of History of UW.
Research interests: ancient history – Roman Empire era, especially religions, intellectual movements, philosophy and historiography of that era.

Most important publications

Most important scholarly articles

  • P. Janiszewski, „Why can’t we see demons? The Evagrian concept of the structure of bodies originating from three parallel material worlds, in the context of Aristotelian quality theory”, Palamedes 3 (2008), 189 -207.


  • P. Janiszewski „Spuma lunaris. Bringing the moon down to earth, extraction of ‘moon foam’ and its use in ancient magic”, Palamedes 12 (2017/2018), 37 – 59.

Current scholarly projects