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Double marginalization? Jews with disabilities in the Kingdom of Poland (1815-1914)

The aim of the project was to assemble a multilingual corpus of sources on the history of Jews with disabilities in the Kingdom of Poland (1815-1914) and to initiate an interdisciplinary study of this material.

A team of historians and literary scholars (Dr. Maria Antosik-Piela, Dr. Aleksandra Oniszczuk, M.A. Piotr Smoliński and M.A. Jakub Zygmunt) conducted a thorough search of sources in the trilingual press of this minority – in Yiddish, Polish and Hebrew.

The project resulted in the creation of a database of sources, made available in the UW repository, as well as two scholarly articles, contributing to the discussion on exclusionary practices against people with disabilities in the 19th century. The project also provides a starting point for future, broader research on people with disabilities in the Polish lands.

In order to gain access to the repository, please send an e-mail to the following address: zamowanie.wh@uw.edu.pl