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Results of the dean’s election for the term 2024-2028

The College of Electors of the Faculty of History, during the electronic voting in the “Ankieter” system on 13 May 2024, elected a candidate for the dean of the UW Faculty of History for the term 2024-2028. The candidate became Professor Lukasz Niesiolowski-Spanò. The candidate will become dean upon appointment to the position by the UW Rector.

There were 76 votes cast, all of which were valid. Prof. Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spanò received 63 YES votes, 9 NO votes and 4 abstentions. Prof. Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spanò was thus elected as a candidate for Dean of the Faculty of History of the UW.

Prof. Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spano is a historian specialising in the history of ancient Palestine, the history of biblical Israel and the Philistines. His academic education has been linked from the beginning to the University of Warsaw, where he graduated from the then Institute of History in 1997 and received his PhD in 2002. He obtained his habilitation in 2013. He served as Director of the Historical Institute of the UW from 2016 to 2020 and has been Dean of the Faculty of History since 2020.

The professor is a member of many prestigious academic associations, including the European Association of Biblical Studies, the Society of Biblical Literature, the Committee for the Study of Ancient Culture, the Committee for Historical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Council for the Dissemination of Science. He is also an active populariser of science.