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Kościuszko Foundation Grants for our PhD student

The Kościuszko Foundation announced the results of the recruitment in the competition for scientific grants for conducting research at American universities in the 2024/2025 academic year.

Among the few distinguished people from all over Poland was our doctoral student, Mr. Łukasz Kożuchowski, who for three months at Columbia University in New York and in the archives in Washington will carry out his research project on the perception of the society of the Kingdom of Poland by American diplomacy in the last years before World War I (project title: “Society of the Kingdom of Poland during the last years of the Russian imperial rule in the eyes of American diplomacy (1905-1915)”). Columbia University will accept our PhD student as a visiting scholar.

Mr. Kożuchowski won a grant in the Kościuszko Foundation Grants category. Mr. Kożuchowski’s scientific supervisor is prof. student Artur Markowski.

The Kościuszko Foundation is one of the oldest Polish organizations promoting scientific and cultural cooperation between Poland and the United States. For years, the Foundation has been awarding scholarships to scientists who want to study, conduct research or teach in the United States. Grants are awarded in three categories:

The Kościuszko Foundation Fellowship is addressed to research and teaching employees at every stage of their career after obtaining a doctoral degree. The scholarship, lasting from 3 to 6 months, enables people employed in Polish academic and scientific institutions to carry out independent research or research and teaching projects in American universities, research institutes, government institutions or non-governmental organizations.

Kościuszko Foundation Grants are grants lasting from 3 to 6 months intended for students of doctoral studies at Polish universities. The aim of the scholarship is to carry out your own research project at an American university or non-governmental organization in the USA.

The Kościuszko Foundation Teaching Fellowship is awarded to Polish lecturers who intend to teach Polish history, culture and literature at American universities. They are granted for a maximum of 9 months