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Ph.D. Jacek Kordel


Born 1988 in Warsaw, studied history at the University of Warsaw and the Free University of Berlin 2007-2012. Master’s degree with distinction 2012, doctorate with distinction 2017 (awarded by the Prime Minister and the Polish Association for Research on the Eighteenth Century).

Scholarship holder of the Foundation for Polish Science (as part of the Start programme), the Minister of Science and Higher Education (scholarship for outstanding young scientists), the August Cieszkowski Foundation, the Austrian Scholarship Foundation, the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service.

Research internships at, among others, the Institute of East European History at the University of Vienna, the Institute of European History in Mainz and the Institute of Saxon History and Ethnology in Dresden.

Research interests: the history of the modern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the German Reich; the image of eighteenth-century Poland in the eyes of West European intellectuals.


Most important publications

Most important scholarly articles

  • The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in Eighteen-century Alliance Treaties of the Neighbouring Countries, 1720–72, „Acta Poloniae Historica” 116, 2017, s. 209-248.


  • Die sächsischen Bemühungen um die Sicherung der bayerischen Erbfolge, 1760-1777, „Blätter für deutsche Landesgeschichte” 154, 2018, s. 549-596.