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Professor Marcin Pauk


Born in 1974 in Warsaw, graduated from Tadeusz Reytan High School No. VI, MA at the IHUW (1998), PhD there (2005, supervisor – prof. dr hab. Karol Modzelewski), from 2002 to 2015 a researcher at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, employed at the IHUW since 2009 as an assistant professor; holder of a postdoctoral degree since 2017, a scholarship from the Foundation for Polish Science, the Lanckoroński Foundation, the University of Konstanz and the Free University in Berlin; winner of the 1st Aleksander Gieysztor Prize for a historical publication.
Research interests: social and political history of Central Europe (with particular emphasis on the Czech lands) and the German Reich of the 10th – 13th centuries, canon law and Christian acculturation processes in medieval Europe of the 8th – 12th centuries, ideology of power, religious foundations, cults of saints and their political role, genesis of social elites, migration processes in the full Middle Ages.

Most important publications