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Ph.D. Habil. Marek Stępień


Historian and Assyriologist, born in Warsaw. Graduated from the Stefan Batory Secondary School. In the years 1977-1983, he was a student at the University of Warsaw. Completed history studies and was awarded a Master’s degree in history in 1982. A year later (1983), completed a parallel second course of oriental studies (specialising in sumerology and asyriology) and was awarded a Master’s degree in oriental studies (asyriology). Received doctorate in humanities (ancient history) in 1993 at the Faculty of Historical Sciences, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and the postdoctoral degree in history (ancient history) in 2007 at the Faculty of History, Warsaw University. Research interests – broadly defined history of the Ancient Near East, in particular the history of ancient Mesopotamia (political history, society, administration, political system and legal system, economy, and Sumerian-Akkadian cuneiform writings). Academic lecturer at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (1984-2002) and the University of Warsaw (since 1993).
Author of 61 scientific and popular publications, including author or co-author of 6 books.

Most important publications

Most important scholarly articles

  • The Economic Status of Governors in Ur III Times: An Example of the Governor of Umma, Journal of Cuneiform Studies 64 (2012), pp. 17-30.