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Professor Urszula Kosińska



Born in 1969 in Bialystok. Studied history in the years 1988-1994, master’s degree in 1994 at the Faculty of History, University of Warsaw, PhD in 1999. Since 2000 assistant professor at the Institute of History, University of Warsaw. W. 2013 habilitated doctor. He is a member of the Polish Society for Research on the Eighteenth Century and from 2019 a member of the NPRH Council.

The research interests of U. Kosińska focuses on the study of the history of the Polish-Saxon Union, especially the foreign policy of August II against the background of universal history, the history of Polish parliamentarism and the political culture of the nobility in the so-called “Saxon times” (1697-1763). This research is fundamental. Their aim is to establish the basic facts of political history and the aims and directions of the diplomatic game conducted at that time. It covers the years of Augustus II’s reign (1697-1733), which are the least well researched in Polish historiography, and especially Poland’s and Saxony’s relations with Russia, Prussia and Austria. They provide a basis for further research into the causes of the multilateral crisis of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the eighteenth century, the genesis of the partitions, the source of the political divisions of the time, and the significance of the Polish question for the shaping of international power relationships.

Most important publications

Most important scholarly articles

  • В окружении трех «черных орлов». Генезис переговоров о заключении договора Левенвольде [In the circle of three black eagles. Genesis of negotiations about the so-called Löwenwold’s treatise from 13 XII 1732.], Всероссийская научная конференция РУСЬ, РОССИЯ: Средневековье и Новое время, Москва 21-22 ноября 2019 г, УДК 94(47), p. 673-679.