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“Ordinari Post Tijdender” as a source of knowledge about the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – preliminary research

The aim of the project is to conduct preliminary research that will enable checking the usefulness of the first Swedish daily “Ordinari Post Tijdender”, considered one of the oldest in the world, for research on the image of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 17th and 18th centuries. Issues related to the history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the frequency of their occurrence and checking whether there was a correlation between the frequency of publication of reports from the Commonwealth and key events characteristic of modern Polish-Swedish relations (e.g. the Swedish “deluge” or the Great Northern War, change on the throne, abdication of the last Vasa on the Polish throne).

The chronological framework of the preliminary research covers the years 1645-1795; it begins with the first published issue of the journal, and ends with the Third Partition of Poland.