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M.A. Kalina Słaboszowska


B. 1996 in Gdańsk. Bachelor’s degree in 2018 at the Historical Institute of the UW. I did my Master’s studies at IH UW and at Università di Bologna (Italy) as part of the Histarmed programme. In 2020, I defended my master’s thesis on weeping and tears in Jan Długosz’s “Annals”.
Since October 2020, I have been working on my dissertation on emotions and their display in the works of Jan Długosz under the supervision of Prof. Piotr Węcowski. As of January 2022, I am pursuing the NCN grant Prelude 20. I am also a fellow of the Polish Historical Mission (residence at Julius and Maximilian University in Würzburg, scholarship funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery) and the Kosciuszko Foundation (residence at Harvard University, Cambridge MA).

Since October 2023, I have been employed at the Institute of Archeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

I am interested in medieval Central European history, medieval historiography, history of emotions and women’s and gender studies.

Title of the doctoral dissertation

Emocje i ich okazywanie w twórczości Jana Długosza

Most important scholarly articles

  • K. Słaboszowska, Płacz i łzy w księgach X–XII „Roczników” Jana Długosza, „Średniowiecze Polskie i Powszechne”, 14 (2022), s. 160–184.

Current scholarly projects