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Professor Piotr Węcowski


B. 1972, M.A. 1997, Ph.D. 2004, Habilitation 2015, Professor at the University of Warsaw 2021. Co-editor-in-chief of the journal “Studia Źródłoznawcze”. Vice-president of the Society of History Lovers (Warsaw branch of PTH), President of the Board of the A. Gieysztor Scientific Foundation; Chairman of the 1st District Committee in Warsaw of the History Olympiad. Member: Board of the Polish Historical Association, Board of the Historical Olympiad, Committee of Auxiliary Sciences and Editing of the Committee of Historical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Standing Committee of Polish Medievalists, Team for Research on the Courts and Elites of Power (Polish Academy of Sciences), Scientific Council of the Centre for Medieval Studies (KUL), Scientific Council of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Society of History Lovers, Historiographical Society. Corresponding Fellow of the Centre for Medieval Studies (Prague); Foreign member of the Výzkumné centrum Dvory a rezidence ve středověku (Historicky ústav Akademie Ved Ceske Republiky). Research interests: medieval history, auxiliary sciences of history, history of historiography of the 19th-20th centuries. Hobbies: reading detective stories, mountain hiking, sleeping.

Most important publications