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Roman Republican Coins and Their Imitations from the Territory of Ukraine and Belarus


Kyrylo Myzgin

The book contains the analysis of coin finds from the territory of present-day Ukraine and Belarus, but only those found outside the borders of the antique world, excluding the Greek and Roman towns in the Northern Black Sea Coast region. The key objective of the study (prepared within the Coins of the Roman Republic in Central Europe project implemented 2014–2017 at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw) was to settle the most important questions concerning the finds – of the date, routes and source areas of their influx.
The book consists of two parts: analysis of the coin finds and their catalogue. Although the author often had to draw his conclusions from indirect data, where information about the archaeological context of a coin find was, at best, limited, he managed to recognize the main trends in the distribution of the numismatic material in the territory under analysis.